1. Chromat!k - Kendrick Lamar Show

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  6. Name Change “Chromat!k”

    No longer known as “Chrome Boss”. Thats 9th grade shit. Amazing new music deserves a new name. Either simply call me Chrome as you have been, or by my new name Chromat!k pronounced Chrome-matic (which is a music term). New project “Welcome To Tomorrow” with Zach Whitts (also known as Dj White Chocolate) coming VERY soon along with professional visuals to go with the music. Then come the shows. You can still google old mixtapes of me by typing Chrome Boss but i will only send trafick to this tumblr for those who want to find my old music and videos here. My new music under Chromat!k will have an official site soon. I will have a link to find my old music and videos there also. Thanks and enjoy

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Taken with instagram


    Taken with instagram

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